Thursday, February 18, 2010

BoHo will (eventually) be a resident at Theatre Wit

We say "eventually" because the space is still under construction and will be for some time. We've chosen to perform our full 2009/2010 season in our current space at 7016 North Glenwood regardless of when the Theatre Wit space is ready. Why? Well, WE LOVE ROGER'S PARK for one. AND we love our current space -so much so that we are maintaining our presence there even after we move by using it for special events, rehearsals, and as a venue for other up-and-coming theatre companies to perform. Why the move? We sell out seats so quickly in our current 31-seat configuration that we end up turning people away from out shows ...we HATE that! The new space will allow up to 99 people to attend. In the meantime, we are excited to see you at our next production in Roger's Park ... and while you're there, check out the other amazing companies bringing top-notch theatre to the Glenwood Avenue Arts District:

The Side ProjectLifeline TheatreTheo Ubique

and, as always, don't forget to visit these fantastic eateries: Gruppo Di Amici, Charmer's Cafe, Morseland, and OF COURSE
Heartland Cafe!

We thank you for your support, and for supporting live theatre in Roger's Park!