Friday, March 5, 2010

A lot of change happening at BoHo ...

... and it's all good!

There's a new website, a new season announced, and some new peeps in the driver's seat!

So, I don't think I could be more stoked about all that is happening.
The new website (designed by Chuck Riffenburg of Grab Bag Media)
totally rocks! It's graphic, fun, and shows so much BoHo personality.
It's so much easier to navigate too. Do yourself a favor and check it
out at
Chuck and I worked a lot of hours (well, Chuck worked and then showed me the fruits of our discussions) to come up with something really quite cool.

Speaking of cool, the 2010-2011 season is really that! We announced it at the February benefit at The Glenwood, and everyone was talking about how much they liked it. Adding a special 5th show is a nice twist to our "normal" 4-show season, and the shows chosen are ones that I think excite both actors and audience members.

Check out the shows in-depth by clicking HERE.

So, the other bit of news is that, after 7 years, and 6 seasons, I have decided to step down as Artistic Director of BoHo Theatre. I have loved every minute of my tenure, and will still be a part of the company. It's just time to let some new blood take the reigns and guide BoHo along the next part of the journey. The new Artistic Director of BoHo Theatre is Peter Marston Sullivan. His artistic vision and strong connection to the BoHo values and mission make him a perfect choice for the job. Next time you see him, let him know how excited you are for all that he has in store for BoHo. :-)

I will blog soon about what BoHo has meant to me, and what it means to me to be a founding member of such an awesome company.

I am pretty new to blogging. Read plenty of them, but haven't really written much for any. It might take me a while to get the "true" hang of it, but thanks for reading!