Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fugitive Songs Director Asks "Why Do We Run?"

"I’m over my head and under the gun with so many reasons to run,” completes the opening verse in Fugitive Songs.

Working with our extraordinary cast on this song cycle has shown me that the word “fugitive” can have so many definitions. On the surface, this show appears to be a series of vignettes with unique characters singing killer music. But what this material truly captures is a perfect example of life. It is not just about successes and failures, it is about the transitions between those events. That is what really defines us as extraordinary individuals.

Many of us have thought at one time or another: what would it be like to 'start over', to abandon our personal problems and start over from scratch with the goal of a new perspective or purpose? What we are really seeking is a renewed sense of hope. Every day we face the barrage of our social, political, and economic climate in the news. But what about the emotional, mental, and physical challenges we are facing as a society? It starts with each individual. How can we expect to change the world if we can’t face ourselves first?

I feel strongly that Fugitive Songs is not about what we leave behind, it is about the unknown that lies ahead. Remarkably, it is what we all experience within the human condition. My hope for our audiences is that they will be able to acknowledge their own reasons to run, and at the same time, accept their reasons to stay.

Zachary L. Gray
Director of Fugitive Songs

BoHo Theatre's Fugitive Songs runs through March 13th, 2016, at the Heartland Studio in Rogers Park. Tickets and more information...