Friday, May 16, 2014

From the Desk of the Executive Director - Kaela Altman - May 2014

Hello and Welcome to May


On Tuesday, May 6, BoHo Theatre officially kicked off rehearsals for our summer production of MYTHS & HYMNS by Adam Guettel. Representing the Bohemian Pillar of Freedom, this song cycle tells the story of a young couple, recently married and with very different outlooks on the world. When they find they must grapple with the sudden changes in their lives, the young man finds meaning in his accomplishments, while the young woman sees the world through her Christian faith. Together, they must confront their own strengths and limitations.

BoHo Theatre is no stranger to Adam Guettel's work, having produced Jeff nominated FLOYD COLLINS in 2012. We cordially invite you to join us June 13-July 13 at the Heartland Studio for this challenging and original work unlike any version you have ever seen.

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On Friday, May 16, BoHo wrapped up our Strategic Planning Initiative as part of A&BC - Business Volunteers for the Arts program. Our dedicated team of volunteer consultants donated a total of 236.75 hours to guiding our project. As a result, the project is valued at $28,410.00 in pro bono consulting received.

Personally, I found the entire process to be a fun and engaging team building exercise, and one that helped BoHo's board and company members come together to successfully plan the future of our organization.

Special thanks to Katie Kurcz of the Arts & Business Council of Chicago and of course BVA's: Sara Coffou, Maggie Baranski, Amanda Daniels, and Kate Sheey. Thank you for your guidance, your insight, your friendship, and most of all your commitment to helping BoHo grow to our next level!


BoHo's Artistic Advisory Committee has been hard at work the past 5 months carefully reading and selecting scripts for our 11th Season. The wait is officially over! The season is decided...

But I can't tell you just yet!

You'll have to wait for our Season Reveal Party scheduled for later this summer. While you wait, though, I encourage you to venture a guess on what BoHo's next feat will be!