Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Interview With The Team Behind Icarus

We asked the cast and crew of BoHos's 2010/2011 Season closer Icarus about challenges that the show has brought to the table. We hoped to get a glimpse into how each person has faced those challenges and embraced them!

Tom Chiola (Mr. Ellis) answered:
"What's challenging about playing a character who lives under the porch with his stuffed cat and has a suitcase full of dreams...you tell me! Which is better/worse—having the painful memory of a lost loved one or forgetting him/her altogether?—that's part of Mr. Ellis' dilemma."

Nicolas Gamboa (Primitivo) answered:
"The biggest challenge will definitely have to be doing flips and break dancing. Primitivo and I share an addiction to imagination that connects us deeply. But the biggest connection I find with the character is how we both put family above all."

BoHo presents Edwin Sanchez's IcarusDirector P. Marston Sullivan answered:
One of the most challenging aspects to directing this show is allowing the myth of Icarus to expose itself almost naturally, rather than focusing too much on broadcasting the inner meaning behind every moment.  There is the element of myth, of grandeur, of beauty and love; but it is hidden within the story in a manner that should be brought out with great craft and care.  Finding the reality of the characters, the great need and desire that each of them have - that is the key to bringing this story to life.  Sanchez has provided us with a very distinct and powerful framework, and a quintet of characters that are almost so odd they are hard to believe.  Making them real and believable, however, is what makes the show so emotionally powerful.  Finding the reality of the characters and entwining those realities with the mythological framework is the great challenge in Icarus.

Scenic Designer Sally Weiss answered:
For starters, it takes place on a beach, so the big question from the beginning was how do we create a beach? We don't have the means to bring in tons of sand, so we played with a number of options of suggesting sand and beach.  Peter, the director, wanted the space to feel intimate, since we're exploring very personal stories, but also wanted the expansive feeling of the beach and horizon.  In the end, we decided to allow the natural elements of beach and sky to fill the space, but keep the architecture of the porches intimate and clean.

Icarus run June 24 - July 24 at Theater Wit, 1229 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago. Visit the BoHo Theatre website for tickets and more information.