Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Striking 12 is quite a gem!"

Serving as the music director for Boho's STRIKING 12 has been great fun.  Firstly, the show itself is a fun, well-written show, which is unfortunately hard to come by in a modern musical, especially a holiday-type.  Whatever you may think of Rogers and Hammerstein and the other grandfathers of musical theatre, you have to agree that they were consummate craftsmen who put lots of time and thought into the structure of a melody or a lyric.  As much as I love modern pop and rock (that is, I listen to it, play it and write it), it's often produced by people who don't value such craftsmanship, and that sloppiness (yeah, I said it) can bleed over into modern pop/rock musicals.  And for some reason, some amount of sloppiness can work in pop, but I just don't think it works in musicals...  but I digress...

Luckily, STRIKING 12 is definitely not a sloppy show.  GrooveLilly found a way to combine a pop, sensibility and a clever, well-crafted musical, while still keeping it light and fun to watch.

So sure, the show is great, but Boho's cast is the real thing to go see.  They are amazingly talented, as musicians, singers and actors, the new triple threat for an emerging genre of musicals.  Most importantly, they have lots of fun, with the show and with each other, and therefore, so does everyone watching them.  

This production of STRIKING 12 is quite a gem.  

Go, why don't you?

-- Diana Lawrence is a singer, songwriter, pianist and music director based in Chicago. She has performed at venues ranging from Symphony Center and the Auditorium Theatre to the Green Mill and the Double Door. She is the Musical Director for Striking 12.

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