Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rainmaker: Anna Hammonds Explains Why Everyone Needs a Rainmaker

Every person needs a Rainmaker. Whether it be a friend who encourages, an advocate who gives confidence, or a significant other who unconditionally loves beyond faults, we are all in search of someone who will make us believe we are worthy of having simple, wonderful things.  Such is the case with Lizzie Curry, a girl past the prime of courtship, on the brink of losing hope that her dreams will come true.  I have had a wonderful time rehearsing this role, and I have found that at the heart of who Lizzie is, lies every woman’s story.

From my perspective, this piece is a sort of homage to a time when women were given worth solely by their roles as a homemaker and a wife.  Lizzie has a wonderful honesty that sets her apart from other women of her day, but at the heart of who she is, she secretly longs for someone to know her and consider her beautiful apart from her two brothers and loving father.

Now, in the year 2012, I am a woman who is enjoying the independence and luxury of choice that so many women have gone before me fought hard to gain.  A woman’s worth is no longer found in only her husband or how she stitches a dress.  However, over the course of history, nothing has changed the fact that women are still in search of someone to believe in them, outside of those who are seemingly obligated to want good things for us.  We want to be considered beautiful by an outside source. But more importantly, in Lizzie’s case, we need a rainmaker to help us believe it within ourselves that we are, in fact, beautiful.
I am overwhelmed to share Lizzie’s story in this simple, timeless story!

Hope to see you there!

-- Anna Hammonds is thrilled to portray her real-life family dynamic as she is the sister to two brothers and daughter to a loving father.  Her amazing mother taught her how to clean a house, but also encouraged her toward her dreams.  She dedicates this show to her family, and to the Rainmakers in her life who help her believe.

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