Monday, April 29, 2013

BoHo Welcomes Our Newest Artistic Affiliates

We at BoHo Theatre are proud and elated to introduce a wonderful new group of Artistic Affiliates into our Ensemble!

I am very impressed by the amazing artistry and knowledge that each and every new Affiliate brings to the table. Each inductee has partnered with BoHo Theatre in some capacity, working tirelessly to bring each story to life. Whether through the spark of lighting design, the precision of fight choreography, the detailed nuances of a property, or the conveying of a character, each Affiliate brings a distinct and wonderfully unique quality to the BoHo family. BoHo could not be more honored to advance our partnership with each new member, as we continue to tell stories of truth, beauty, freedom and love.


Diane D. Fairchild Diane Fairchild

Diane acted as Lighting AND Set Designer for Floyd Collins and The Spitfire Grill for BoHo Theatre, while also designing lights for Hauptmann, The Rainmaker, and Icarus. Diane's passion for storytelling through lights and set make her an incredibly valuable member of BoHo.

Steve O'Connell in 'Pygmalion' Steve O'Connell

Steve has been an actor for BoHo in many productions including Pygmalion, Floyd Collins, Elephant Man, and Ghosts. While displaying a true "bohemian" spirit during rehearsals, he also has worked as fight choreographer for BoHo. Steve directs and writes projects on his own accord, and we are thrilled to have his eye for precision among the family.

Cassy Schillo

Cassy has designed and managed properties for almost every BoHo show for several years now. She has been on hand for every tech process, and (when not working tirelessly on props) she has assisted with lights, sound, set, costumes, and even stage management. Cassy has been covered in paint for this ensemble (literally), so her willingness to bring a story to life in whatever way possible goes to show her strong work ethic. She is a true renaissance woman.

Jeremy Trager in 'Hauptmann' Jeremy Trager

Jeremy has played a multitude of roles for us now, including Caleb in The Spitfire Grill, and, notably, the title roles in Tartuffe and Hauptmann. His passion for the work is extraordinary, and we're so excited to have him as a part of the family.

Megan Turnquist Megan Turnquist

Megan has been a lighting guru for multiple shows now, and is always willing to come in and lend a hand whenever we need her! She was most recently the Associate Lighting Designer for Hauptmann, and I know will be excited to be working on numerous shows in the future!

Again, we are ever so proud to bring in these impeccable individuals into the Ensemble. They join photographer Brandon Dahlquist, set designer Patrick Ham, costume designer Theresa Ham, founding executive director Tom Samorian, performer Danni Smith, and set designer John Zuiker as part of our BoHo Artistic Affiliate family. It is with sincere pleasure and great pride that we extend our congratulations to each of them.

WELCOME to the BoHo family!

-Peter Marston Sullivan
Artistic Director

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