Friday, December 20, 2013

From the Desk of the Executive Director: Thank You for a Wonderful 2013!

Much like Santa’s elves, the members of our production team for Amadeus have been hard at work preparing their designs and concepts for a formal unveiling at our kick-off event in January. Immediately following that presentation, we will be sharing their renderings and inspirations with you on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t yet “liked” BoHo Theatre, consider going to Facebook or Twitter and joining our conversation. You’ll hear updates about BoHo, opportunities to get involved, and see behind-the-scenes activity for 2014 productions: Amadeus, Myths and Hymns, and Parade.

To our audience: Wishing you and yours a fantastic holiday season. Thank you for making BoHo a part of your artistic story. We couldn't have done any of this without you.

To our Company members and Board of Directors: Thank you for all you do to keep us going throughout the year. Your passion, commitment, and dedication to BoHo and its future represent all that has made our company strong and successful.

The Company members of BoHo are a volunteer staff, and while we do work tirelessly throughout the year to bring each production to its feet, it is you, our patrons, who help nurture and support our artistic efforts. If you can, I invite you to show your support for BoHo by making a monetary donation to help us continue to support the art in 2014. Your tax deductible donations will subsidize our production expenses, including our actors, singers, and dancers; our costumes, our sets, our props, and more.

On behalf of myself, our company, and our Board, I wish you and yours a happy holiday season! We look forward to your visit in 2014! From Pygmalion to Veronica’s Room, we have shared the Bohemian Pillars with a wonderful audience and community who were thoughtful enough to make BoHo Theatre a part of their artistic story this year. I look forward to welcoming you back in 2014 for Amadeus, which will be produced at Stage 773 in February.

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