Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Being Bohemian: Peter Blair

BoHo Theatre Company Member Peter Blair, on what it means to be bohemian:

I couldn't be more proud that BoHo is celebrating our 10th season. It is a landmark for any arts organization, and I won't stop marveling at how the company has grown, matured and constantly improved. As Executive Director from 2010-2012 I was honored to lead this company, and now I'm equally honored to be led.

For me, being Bohemian isn't a feeling. It's being one in a group of people. I'm less Bohemian than I am a Bohemian, and what I cherish about BoHo is the other Bohemians. We're eclectic and creative, open-minded and focused, diverse and just a bit rough around the edges.

Company members come and go as fate, family and circumstance dictate, but this group of people is never less than immensely honest, creative, surprising and dedicated. I've witnessed incredible acts of generosity and kindness. I've witnessed feats of endurance and patience. I've celebrated and suffered with this group. I love to see our company, board, affiliates and other fans of BoHo come together to pitch in as needed. Nothing is too tedious, dirty, or impossible for this group to give back to BoHo because BoHo has given them so much. In my case, BoHo gave me experience and friends. No other company our size produces the number of shows that BoHo does, but it doesn't feel like work when you really like the ones you're working with.

Here's to 10 more years of creating diverse and exciting theatre with people we love and admire. Cheers, Bohemians!

Throughout BoHo Theatre's milestone 10th Season, BoHo company members will be revealing what being "bohemian" means to them. What does Bohemianism and BoHo Theatre mean to you? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

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