Thursday, June 7, 2012

Floyd Collins: Sarah Bockel: From the Perspective of a Little Sister

"Lucky, is what I am."
Inevitably when working on a show that’s all about family you start to think of your own. When rehearsals first started I found myself struggling to identify with Floyd and Nellie’s unique relationship; brother and sister who accept and understand each other without words. Nellie even says they "think the same thoughts." Naturally, the relationship I have with my own brother came to mind. My brother and I have recently grown much closer than we used to be. He's eighteen years older than me, he was already out of the house by the time I was born. Until I moved to the city two years ago I wondered if we had much in common. It wasn't until our holiday car rides home would we talk and catch up. As time went by I could see that we have the same anxieties and opinions, even our stomach problems are the same! Perhaps we don't share thoughts as Floyd and Nellie, but I know we understand each other.

What I love so much about Floyd and Nellie's relationship is that once Floyd finds himself trapped he relies on Nellie for comfort and a sort of protection. Its not often us little sisters get to help our big brothers, they seem to have everything figured out all ready(at least mine does.) Both of Floyd's younger siblings, Nellie and Homer are forced to step up to help Floyd the best they can. During this difficult time, we get to witness their love and unbreakable connection to each other. That's family. I'm not sure there will ever be a situation where my brother needs me as much as Floyd needs Nellie, but that's what big brothers are for, right? Floyd Collins has certainly given me a new perspective on family, I am so grateful to have mine close to me (and above ground).

-- Sarah Bockel is a recent graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University's music theatre program currently living in Chicago. Please visit BoHo Theatre's website for ticket and production information.

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