Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Corner of the Sky: My Artistic Transition

It's funny, because the corner of the sky I have discovered is different then where I thought it would be. That transition happened in college when I met my mentor - Linde Herman who was my professor.  I had always wanted to act, but it was through her that I gained a love and respect for the craft, and the art of being a teacher.  She directed the children's shows at our college and that’s where my love for that began - because whatever Linde did was gold in my eyes!    I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have my very own theatre company- Li'l Buds, never mind a children's theatre company at that! And to have a performance career as well as having the privilege to pass on the craft (and love of the arts) to children and possibly future performers?  Well, that's a corner of the sky that was way higher than I was reaching for.

All actors have their dream roles and Pippin is a show I have always wanted to do. I never thought I would be Fastrada, though. I had only dreamed of being in the ensemble because I loved the music - and the Fosse!  It's such a challenge to take on roles were created by iconic performers like Chita Rivera.  However, the same story can be told in different ways by different people, and the process of finding my Fastrada has been influenced by the storytellers: Director, Peter Marston Sullivan and Choreographer, Brenda Didier. My sense of discovery continues to be influenced by the creative themes as well as my scene partners.  I still have a long way to go, but I can see my Fastrada in that corner of the sky.

Jenny Lamb (@ripskintinkle ) is a Chicago actress  co-founder and Artistic Director of Li'l Buds Theatre Company and a Teaching Artist at Second City. She will be playing the role of Fastrada in Pippin.

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