Monday, September 26, 2011

My Corner of the Sky: A Part Worth Waiting For...

In 1981, The Grand Blanc High School escorted Theatre Department to a little road trip to the University of Detroit.  We were going to see a musical I had heard about but knew little about – Pippin .  And boy, did I like it.  I bought the LP (which I still have), the book of musical selections from the show (now completely tattered), and put it on my list of shows I simply had to do one day.

Thirty years later, the opportunity has finally arrived. Back then, I wanted to play the Leading Player or Pippin but I figured when the time came, I would probably play Charlemagne (Charles The Great).  Once a character actor, always a character actor I guess…

It is very interesting to play a character with such an illustrious and expansive history.  As an actor, I must carry that knowledge into rehearsals and see how the real history affects my work and the actors portraying my characters' family, the soldiers, and subjects.  Then, I must embrace the characters' good side (demanding excellent education for his children) and his bad side (the man liked war and all its spoils).  And finally, throw in some singing and dancing and make it all work - absolutely no pressure.

Of course, this production will give me the extra bonus of exploring the feminine side of Charles – I’d tell you more, but it’s a surprise.  This is a challenging prospect that you probably should not miss.

So my long wait is over to do this show.
I’m singing glorious music and playing a character bigger than life.
And I couldn’t be happier!

Won't you join us?
-- Michael Kingston
has been in Chicago for 20+ years and is pleased to be making his third appearance with Boho. Turn ons include: novels by Augusten Burroughs, total schlock on the SyFy Channel, and a good Maker's Mark Manhattan.

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