Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome to Our 2011-2012 Season

Summer has officially come to an end in Chicago - and as everyone pulls out their sweaters in preparation for the change in season, the Bohemian Theatre Ensemble is anxiously awaiting the kick-off of their 2011-2012 Production Season at Theater Wit. The summer was an amazing assortment of activity for our company and board. After enjoying a wonderful run of Icarus, BoHo welcomed new friends along with some familiar faces to our Annual Benefit, the Skyview Soiree. Our attendees were able to enjoy good food, silent raffle items which were donated by local artists and a beautiful entertainment series from past shows. We also were invited to revive Big River for our friends at Theater on the Lake which played five performances to a spectacular group of Theater Lovers.  

And now, it’s time to focus on what’s next.
On behalf of the Bohemian Theatre Ensemble, I want to say thank you for your constant support of Chicago’s theater community. We look forward to seeing you at the theater!


By Stephen Schwartz
Directed by Peter Marston Sullivan
October 14 - November 13, 2011

What does it mean to live an extraordinary life? This is the question that drives Pippin through the adventures of war, sex, politics and love -- all the while guided by the malicious hand of the Leading Player. While the Players strive to steer Pippin towards the perfect, theatrically tragic end of his story, Pippin begins to discover what it truly means to be extraordinary in our world.

By Moliere, Adapted by Ranjit Bolt
Directed by Peter Robel
January 13 – February 12, 2012

Moliere’s scandalous farce crackles with humor and wit in Ranjit Bolt’s modern-language adaptation. When the patriarch of a wealthy falls under the spell of Tartuffe, a con-man masquerading as a man of God, his family goes to hilarious lengths to show him the error of his ways. But it seems the cunning Tartuffe is always one step ahead of the game…   

The Rainmaker
By N. Richard Nash
Directed by Stephen Genovese
April 6 – May 6, 2012

Saddled to a failing cattle ranch in the Dust Bowl with a family of menfolk, Lizzy Curry has just about given up hope of finding love and escape. But when a charming trickster named Starbuck breezes into town promising to bring rain for $100, Lizzy’s father gives the man the last of the family’s savings, knowing that what he has to offer them, and Lizzy, is more than just rain. The Rainmaker is a classic American stale of the power of hope during hard times.

Floyd Collins
A musical by Tina Landau and Adam Guettel
Directed by Peter Marston Sullivan
June 15 – July 15, 2012

In January of 1925, celebrated Kentucky explorer Floyd Collins was searching for a cave system whose tourist draw would make his family rich. Instead, he became trapped in a narrow crawl-way 55 feet below ground. His family’s rescue attempts quickly create a national media circus, and rescue begins to take a backseat to profit. This true story features a musical style drawn from authentic bluegrass, folk, and Americana.

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