Friday, December 2, 2011

Doesn't Anybody Need Some Light Tonight? from Amy Steele

"Doesn't anybody need some light tonight?"

  • a green light.
  • a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • light on a cell phone, iPad, laptop.
  • starlight, star bright...

This lyric from STRIKING 12 can be taken many different ways:  A simple question, a desperate plea, an angry remark, a friendly offering. In the stories of STRIKING 12 I believe that all of these are fair interpretations. This line has the potential to go beyond it's initial interpretation and can truly mean a number of things. I leave it up to the listener to take it how they please. 

In the same way, understanding the story of Striking 12 is really left up to the audience.  What I love about this show is the fact that everyone who sees this show can truly take something different away from it. From the individual personalities of the cast members to the classic Hans Christan Anderson story to the modern day overworked/underpayed/stressful holiday attitude, the audience has limitless ways to connect and make the story personal to them. (The catchy music doesn't hurt, either!) 

Personally, I am honored to be sharing this wonderful show again and it's many beautiful messages. It is a real treat to be a part of a show where the actors are the musicians, the story is both fiction and real life, and the audience is  involved in every scripted and  improvised moment.

I hope this show can continue to bring people happiness and light this holiday season.

-- Amy Steele is delighted to be back playing the violin as the Little Match Girl with BoHo. Happy holidays to all!

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