Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finding the Heart - the BoHo Way

The most rewarding thing about producing theater is not what you'd think.  Yes, I want to win a bus-load of Jeff Awards. Yes, I want the Tribune to gush about the groundbreaking show that you'd be a fool to miss.  Yes, despite being a not-for-profit company, I want to sell lots and lots of full priced tickets. 

But really, I'd trade all of those things for an engaged audience enjoying the journey.  I'd trade all of those things for a cast and design team who relished the chance to throw themselves into the black hole of putting on the play.   We can’t afford the razzle dazzle of a big Broadway production, so we must find the heart.  We must find a way into the story using the resources at hand, and the geniuses inside our actors, designers, directors, and staff.  If you’ve seen a particular play before, we want you to see it again -- Our way. 

As I look back on the past year, and ahead to the next, I'm very happy with where BoHo is situated.  The response to PIPPIN was thrilling, a real crowd-pleaser but also a rewarding adventure for the cast and company.  As I write this we have STRIKING 12 playing, TARTUFFE rehearsing, THE RAINMAKER fully cast and in the design phase, and I'm currently hiring the FLOYD COLLINS production team.  Not to mention, we're also reading a huge stack of plays as we decide on the next season. 

The work never ends…but neither do the rewards.

-- Peter Blair, Executive Director of BoHo Theatre. 

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