Friday, December 30, 2011

BoHo Theatre - A Story of Success

As the curtain closes on 2011, I am left to reflect upon the year that has passed. Without a moment’s hesitation, I know this year has been a profound success for BoHo. Yet, as soon as I make this proclamation, I’m forced to question what defines “success” for a company such as ours. 

Is it the box office sales for one show or the critical acclaim of another? Is it the growth we’ve achieved or the continued artistic quality of the productions we produce? Is it simply surviving in a challenging economic environment long enough to see the dawn of another show? I believe it is, in part, all of these… but there’s more than that to being bohemian. 

I used to measure personal success by the shows I was fortunate enough to be a part of. Success was measured in the roles I played, or in the reviews I received. Instead, I now find myself remembering the stories shared and the community created through each process. Each story connects me to others, whether they’re a part of the company, the process, or the community. Each story deepens relationships I already have or generates new ones. I believe the same goes for our company. Each story we tell strengthens our connections to the artists we work with, the audiences we share with, and the community we create with. 

Success for me, and for our company, is not measured in numbers. Rather, it is found in the relationships we create and cultivate through the process of storytelling. As long as we continue to share our explorations of truth, beauty, freedom, and love with artists and audiences alike in hopes of finding those essential human elements that connect us all, I will consider every year a success.

-- Peter Marston Sullivan, Artistic Director of BoHo Theatre

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  1. Beautifully written Peter! I feel so honored to have collaborated with you on "Pippin" in 2011 and wish you and Boho much success in 2012! xo Brenda