Thursday, January 26, 2012

BINGO with BoHo!

Get out your favorite Bingo & SteamPunk sweater! It’s time for BINGO FOR BOHO!

1232 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657

Time:  4pm, January 29th

Come see TARTUFFE on Sunday, Jan 29th at 2pm and then join us afterwards across the street at COOPER’S for free food, fabulous prizes and fantastic fun! Did we mention there will be free food? Because there will be free food! Can’t get a ticket to TARTUFFE? Just come over to Cooper’s at 4pm to play!

Round 1: Bingo cards are 50 cents and the prizes are so amazing that we have to bag them and keep them a secret!

Round 2: Bingo cards are only $1, and the prizes are:
  • Two Tickets to any BoHo show this season 
  • Two Tickets to the Marriott Theatre 
  • Two Tickets to the Blue Man Group 
  • Four bottles of wine 
  • One mystery prize! 
Round 3: Bingo cards are $5 and the round is a 50/50! If you get the winning bingo card, you will win HALF the money earned in that round!

Even better- if you show up in your favorite SteamPunk outfit, we’ll give you a free bingo card! Be like Tartuffe and tell us your best lie at the front door & we’ll let you in to our private room with free food, great prizes and fun!

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  1. When will be the next event? Bingo cards are very cheap. I want to join the fun!

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