Friday, January 6, 2012

Tartuffe: from the Grande Dame, Lady Pernelle

My name is Daria Harper and I play the character of Lady Pernelle in BoHo Theatre's production of Tartuffe. Lady Pernelle is the "Grand Dame" grandmother of the household who sweeps in with a flurry getting the play off to a rousing start. As well as being an actor, I am an Alexander Technique Teacher and have been performing and teaching in Charlottesville, VA since 1987. A new addition to Chicago, I already love this city and feel very lucky to be working with such a warm and welcoming group as BoHo Theatre. This cast is lovely and I hear The Wit theater space is fantastic.

As rehearsals have progressed, I have found myself playing a cross between the regal staunch characters of Judi Dench and the lovely, well meaning character of Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith Show. Poor lady! She just wants things to work the "old school" way, where she is guaranteed her family's good placement in heaven and society, and where she is simply feels more comfortable.

I think this family, like many, love each other desperately and at the same time drive each other crazy! But eventually they come through to support and protect each other when a truly evil force gets in amongst them and threatens the very fabric of their lives.

I look forward to hearing audience response to our production and always love to partake in conversation about the play, so stop me anytime to chat.

-- Daria Harper is making her BoHo Theatre debut. She is newly arrived to Chicago and still very much finding her way. Any tips on fun things to do are absolutely welcome!

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